On July 12, 2014, precious pitbull, Tegan Rose, was struck by a vehicle in Carpinteria, CA. Unfortunately, the gate was left open by an unaware delivery man and Tegan got out and was instantly struck by a small vehicle traveling on the road right in front... read more

Blanche was attacked by a dog when she was only a year old. Five years later her leg started deteriorating, “She’s all I’ve got”, said her tearful owner. The vets concurred that her leg had to be amputated, which was very difficult... read more

Poor Browny was the victim of a freak accident. He was running along side his young owner, who was riding his bike. Browny saw a dog to play with and turned into the bike entangling his back leg in the spokes. His owners are low-income workers & newly... read more

Rodeo lives in a car with his owner, a young homeless woman who was laid off last year and is going through a divorce, and her father has cancer, so he can’t be of financial assistance. Rodeo had a sore on his paw, which turned out not to be serious... read more

Our Daughters and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help with our little fighter “Canelo”. Karen, we really appreciate all your guidance and support this past weekend. You guys are truly amazing. No words can expla... read more


This little Chihuahua was poisoned and nearly lost his life. With help from Diana Basehart Foundation, Carpinteria Pet Hospital was able to save him and keep him with his family. To see a letter from Rex’s owner, read on. “Dear Ms. Basehart, Thank you... read more

Patrick has a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease, and his service dog Lindsay can detect his seizures 15 minutes before they happen. Lindsay has saved Patrick’s life on several occasions. She’s always there to break his falls and even ran ... read more

Linda is a cancer survivor on a very limited income. Rosie has been her constant companion through good times and bad. Unfortunately, Rosie developed chronic stomach issues, and Linda’s biggest fear was the possibility of having to give up her cat s... read more