A Letter from Nell

nell bench “My name wasn’t always Nell. I didn’t know why but for my first three years bad things happened to me. I don’t think I was naughty, but I was always frightened. Somehow my new mummy found me. I now actually go outside, and I’m even allowed to run & play in the garden. We’re never apart my mum and me. She has spent a lot of money to get me healthy. I’ve been told there are other families who love their animals very much but can’t afford to pay for expensive veterinary care. My dream is to make sure that all my animal friends are happy and healthy and able to stay with the people they love. Mum & me are a team, and we will work hard to always be of service to others…”
Love, Nell

Nell Wine

Nell with wine “A wine for all seasons… a wine for all reasons!” Avelina Wine Co. is generously donating all profits to the Diana Basehart Foundation. Buy a bottle, or two, or even a case today!

Available at Montecito Village Grocery 1482 East Valley Rd., Montecito, CA.