A Thank You from Diana

Dianawithpicture“Helping animals has been a passion of mine for decades. In 1971 my husband Richard and I started Actors & Others for Animals in Los Angeles, a non-profit group that continues to thrive today. A few years later, in Richard’s honor, I started the Richard Basehart Fund, which helps low-income seniors pay for necessary veterinary care for their companion animals. Too many times an elderly person has no choice but to give up their pet (sometimes their only friend) just because of financial strain. That was heartbreaking and unacceptale to me. Moving to Santa Barbara 24 years ago, I saw a similar need that was not being addressed. After spending years writing personal checks to help, the decision was made to start my own foundation​ to continue the dream of making sure no animal suffers, dies, or has to be handed over to a shelter just because someone can’t afford to pay for veterinary care. This is especially true for seniors, veterans, and the disabled who love their animals and don’t want to give them up or possibly have them euthanized. In our small community we can help make a dream a reality.

Thank you with all of my heart.”