Board of Directors


Diana Basehart

Co-Founder and President

In 1971, Diana & her husband Richard Basehart co-founded Actors & Others for Animals. Diana later founded the Richard Basehart Fund. Both organizations continue to this day.
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Lynne A. Shaw


For many years Lynne ran her own production company in Los Angeles, launching several products, including Victoria Jackson Cosmetics and Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies” video series. Being an animal lover her whole life, when moving to Santa Barbara, she volunteered at the county animal shelter and became an advocate for shelter dogs. After years at the shelter, she launched an innovative program called "Give a Dog a Home" which enables shelter dogs to be seen by the public in a warm and inviting retail space every Sunday afternoon. For more information about Give a Dog a Home, call 805-222-4459.

Bernie Sandler Board of Directors Diana Basehart Foundation

Bernie Sandler

Bernie spent many years in Hollywood as a Television Producer and Manager, represented Rod Serling, Orson Wells, William Shatner, and Jonathan Winters to name a few. He worked with PETA and other animal organizations and also worked to help stop elephant ivory being sold in the USA. He has been married for over 50 years to his wife, Lori Saunders, who many remember as Bobbie Jo from Petticoat Junction.

Daran Haug Board of Directors Diana Basehart Foundation

Daran Haug

Daran Haug spent 25 years as an elementary school teacher and counselor working in inner-city schools in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Fresno, CA. Her volunteer experience has included the Fresno Art Museum, Valley Children's Hospital (Craycroft Cancer Center) in Fresno, Family Programs Hawaii/Oahu, and Slingshot/Santa Barbara. She recently relocated to Santa Barbara from Hawaii.

Ann Smith

Ann has lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 34 years, splitting her time for the past nine years with Santa Barbara. She is very involved with both wildlife conservation in Africa and the welfare of domestic pets. Seventeen years ago, she founded PAWS of Jackson Hole, a Friends of the Animal Shelter group, and two years ago joined the board of DBF, when she realized how many low income people in Santa Barbara could not afford veterinary care for their pets. “DBF is making such a difference to these people and also keeping animals out of shelters.”