Petey was in great health, the love of his owner’s life, until suddenly he couldn’t walk, eat or drink. His owner suspects it’s a response to the toxic herbicide her neighbor used to kill some vegetation on his property, but there’... read more

“I need to thank this foundation for saving my dog’s life this past February. He was very sick and had over 8 rotten teeth, and got an eye infection. His name is Duke, he’s a tiny black Shih tzu. The Diana Basehart Foundation funded his... read more

Patrick has a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease, and his service dog Lindsay can detect his seizures 15 minutes before they happen. Lindsay has saved Patrick’s life on several occasions. She’s always been there to break his falls and even ran almost ... read more

Libby, a 13-year-old Cairn terrier, started limping for no apparent reason. Her mom, an older adult who lives on a very low income, was concerned that her dog’s quality of life was going downhill, but she couldn’t afford another vet visit. For... read more

His mom describes Chandler as “serious type of personality. He’s not a cat — he’s a little person!” When Chandler started vomiting and couldn’t stop, the family spent all they had to find out what was wrong and make him... read more


When JD had a seizure, his dad was scared of losing his baby. The Diana Basehart Foundation couldn’t let that happen! Since JD’s dad qualified for assistance, we were able to help JD get to the vet, where lab work confirmed a diagnosis of live... read more

A year ago, a woman called with depression dripping from her voice as she recounted her dire circumstances — the family’s young dog, Violet, had stopped walking; her back legs seemed to just not work. The vet ruled out surgery after taking x-r... read more

Here’s Cooper, back playing at the beach following his recovery from a ruptured abscess. In sending his thanks, Cooper’s owner, a veteran of the Gulf War, wrote: “Cooper’s wound is healing nicely and he is doing well. We really app... read more

Your donations support cases like Scooter and his dad, Val, who is on permanent disability. Val adopted Scooter because he needed a loving companion. Little did he know that Scooter had the instinct to alert him to low blood sugar and save him from diabet... read more

Patty and Buddy are inseparable and each makes the other’s life more joyful. Buddy, at age 15, is slowing down, but they take each other out for a walk several times a day. Patty, who lives on a low Social Security check, needed assistance with gett... read more

Poor Coco fell when he tried to jump up on a chair; very unusual for the agile young mixed breed dog. His owners were distraught when Coco was still not doing well the next day. They were able to come up with some but not all of the cost of a visit to the... read more

Olive and Pinky are “my best friends!” says their owner, a disabled woman who appealed to the Basehart Foundation for assistance. Olive, the younger of the two chihuahuas, had some growths on her leg that had gotten larger and sensitive to the... read more

What do you do when you don’t feel well? Snuggling up in some comfy blankets can help, but when the problem is a major dental infection, a trip to the vet and a major dental cleaning — and several extractions, most likely — is the only a... read more

Poor Toro has chronic ear polyps that need to be cauterized. During the exam, the vet found some dental disease, so his owner, a disabled woman, reached out to Diana Basehart Foundation for help. YOU can be part of this extraordinary mission, helping the ... read more

Sometimes freak accidents happen, and sweet little Chim-Chim was a victim to just such an accident. Her owner adores her, but the cost of repairing her injuries was beyond what this man, who finds himself in a perilous financial situation, could afford or... read more

Milo may have celebrated Fiesta in August, but in mid-September, a bleeding anal cyst was making him very uncomfortable and required immediate veterinary attention. His owner could cover some but not all of the cost. As a resident of low income housing, s... read more

It can be difficult to deal with your pet’s health issues while grieving the loss of your beloved mother. It’s especially difficult when you’re not only disabled, but you have moved to care for your parent before her death. And yet, our ... read more

Some labs will eat anything! Poor Coco, who also suffers from epilepsy, just can’t help herself. Her owners are diligent about monitoring her, but Coco outwitted them — and at a particularly bad financial time for the family. They brought her ... read more

Buddy is a fighter — in a good way! He’s coping with diabetes and Cushing’s Disease and still finds joy in life, bringing joy to his disabled owner, who called upon the resources of Diana Basehart Foundation to help with some new lab wor... read more

Nikki is doing well following an exam and bloodwork for possible thyroid condition. Bob is in his early 60s and has disabilities. Nikki helps him get up and out for exercise. They're quite a team!