A big thank you to Irma and Morrie for hosting our most recent fundraising event.

Read more about it in the Montecito Journal starting on page four.

2) Diana Basehart & Irma Jurkowitz

Diana Basehart & Irma Jurkowitz

Lynne Shaw & Morrie Jurkowitz

Morrie Jurkowitz & Lynne Shaw

4) Lynne Shaw & John Palminteri

Lynne Shaw & John Palminteri

6) Bandit, Therapy dog for Hospice

Bandit, Therapy dog for Hospice

6. Gayla Basehart & Art

Gayla Basehart & Art

Anthea & Bandit

Anthea & Bandit

Connie, Steph, Deb

Connie, Steph, Deb

BLue Star Parking

Blue Star Parking

Thank you to the veterinarians who help make our cause possible

A very special thank you to our Veterinary Team

Tom & Julianna

Tom & Julianna