“I need to thank this foundation for saving my dog’s life this past February. He was very sick and had over 8 rotten teeth, and got an eye infection. His name is Duke, he’s a tiny black Shih tzu. The Diana Basehart Foundation funded his surgeries, care and medication. The vet that operated and helped Duke was The Santa Barbara- Montecito Animal Medical center. They did everything from removing his infected teeth to a dental cleaning, ear cleaning/plucking, a toe nail trim along with a trim of his face. He also was caught up on his vaccines.
I just can’t thank you enough. It was a hard time in my life. I underwent spinal cord surgery in January to remove a benign tumor inside my spinal cord. I had to travel out of town because of the risk and skill needed due to the complexity of the operation and I was hospitalized for 11 days. My spinal column was cut and removed to access the tumor which was crushing my spinal cord and was a whopping 12 inches long. I got through it okay- my first concern after it was my dog as I saw his loose teeth the day before my surgery, but had no way to handle both things. The moment I got back into town I called this amazing place. I had saved an article in a notebook about the foundation from 2011. Never knew I would need it so bad. This foundation is incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Duke’s!” – Jamie